Pickle Store

We believe in a better pickle. Our pickles are hand-cut, hand-packed and processed using old-school techniques. We are passionate about sourcing the highest quality ingredients making pickles free of artificial preservatives, color additives or refined sugar. Because what’s in the jar matters.


Hot Damn Dills


Packed with whole habanero and red fresno peppers, fresh garlic and a hint of mustard, the Hot Damn Dill is the pickle that started it all and continues to be our number one seller.


Giddy Up Garlic Dills


Loaded with whole fresh cloves of garlic and plenty of mustard, the Giddy-Up Garlic Dill is most reminiscent of a traditional deli style pickle.


No Frills Dills


Requested by parents, our 5 ingredient No Frills Dills is a favorite among kids and pickle purists. Only flavored with dill, the sweetness of the cucumber stands on its own.



Honey Sweet Stackers


Sweetened with raw Wildflower Honey, our Honey Sweet Stackers are an all natural twist on traditional Bread & Butters. We achieve our beautiful golden color with turmeric, not Yellow 5.



Sweet and Spicy Stackers

A favorite at the Yee-Haw Brine House, our Sweet & Spicy Stackers are sweetened with Wildflower Honey and heated up with Habanero Pepper. This is a “do anything pickle” that tastes just as great out of the jar as it does on a grilled cheese.



Bronc Buster Beans


Perfect in a bloody Mary or as a healthy snack right out of the jar, our Bronc Buster Beans are mildly spiced with red chili peppers.



YEE-HAW SAMPLE PACK, $65 includes shipping. Includes one jar of each of our products in a logo’d box.

Giddy Up Garlic Dills, Hot Damn Dills, No Frills Dills, Honey Sweet Stackers, Bronc Buster Beans, Sweet & Spicy Stackers

Giddy Up Garlic Dills, Hot Damn Dills, No Frills Dills, Honey Sweet Stackers, Bronc Buster Beans, Sweet & Spicy Stacker

The Two-Pack

Choose any two jars,  you let us know which varieties you would like at checkout.

Sweet and Spicy StackersHot Damn Dills

Any 2 jars, $30 includes shipping.

*Two pack ships USPS.  Please provide appropriate address.

Done Shopping?

NOTE:  Yee-Haw Pickle Company ships cases by UPS ground.  Please provide a physical address for shipping and allow 2 weeks for your products to ship.  We ship “Two-Packs” USPS so please provide appropriate address.

57 Responses to Pickle Store

  1. Shirlee Yeary says:

    So happy you guys are finally shipping your yummy products. Get ready to make thousands more now that the word is out!

  2. red says:

    can you ship in bulk? if so, what sizes and prices?

  3. janna murray says:

    Please contact me regarding putting your product in a new airport store called Utahs Own. I’d like to set up a meeting next week to look at your product.

  4. Jason Hess says:

    Hello, I wanted to see about carrying your products at my store, Millcreek Olive Oil. I have seen your pickles at the markets, but didn’t try then until recently. Mmmmmm. Some of the other vendors from the markets have been invited to sell at my store as well. I have a bulk “try it before you buy it” concept and was thinking that customers might be interested in returning to the store to refill their jars from a 5 gallon bucket (or some other type of bulk) to save money and the use of jars, labels etc. If you are interested, let me know please. 801-698-5144. Regards, Jason Hess.

    • Hi Jason, This sounds like a unique idea for a store! We sell our products in gallon jars to restaurants and delis so we could sell you those and you could then offer your customers that option. Please let us know if you’d like to see our Gallon jar pricing and I can email it to you. Thanks for finding us!

  5. Jillian says:

    Just wondering if I can by the beans by the jar anywhere in Salt Lake?

  6. Adam says:

    Al & Drew, just ordered our first case of dills! Can’t wait to get ‘em.

    Adam & Charlotte

  7. Melanie says:

    Tried your pickles at Silly Holiday market. Can we pickup a couple of jars locally? Are they in Whole Foods yet?

  8. Meet you at farmers market sat. Planning a big event at wheeler farm Aug 22 5-10pm. Would love you to participate.

  9. cody says:

    You guys coming to Durango? registered for enduro…Cody O’Kelly

    • What up Cody? great to hear from you. Unfortunately we will not make it Durango for the Enduro event. We were down there this past spring and rode chunks of the race course; sure to be a pleaser! While we will not be there in body we will be there in spirit; look for Yee Haw Pickles in raffles and on the podium. You headed to Moab for the Enchilada Enduro? We will be there…. Good luck, we’ll catch up soon.

  10. Liz Goossen says:

    I love your logo! Do you sell t-shirts anywhere?

  11. Huge fan of your products, especially the Hot Damn Dills. I am the one with the 4 year old son who asked for them by name at the SLC Farmers Market. He loves them too!

    • Hi Scott, thanks for the support, and so happy you love our pickles. What we’re wondering is if your 4 year old eat the habanero?! This Saturday is the last farmers market, we’ve got some amazing local hot peppers (El Hombres) that you will love. Come and see us, we’ll give you a taste!

  12. Tosha says:

    Are your products available in stores in the Dallas area?

    • Hi, We aren’t in Dallas yet. We are hoping break into the Texas market in the next 6 months. Next time you’re at Whole Foods you could ask the grocery buyer to carry us, or better yet, leave it on a comment card. Every little bit helps! Thanks for you support. Yee-haw!

  13. Martha Blackburn class of "61 says:

    Are you in Albuquerque? Just read about you in the Colby-Sawyer magazine!

    • Hi Martha- we are in all Rocky Mountain Mountain Whole Foods, including those in NM. So yes! We are in Albuquerque. Find us in the pickle ailse on WFM!

      We are also planning a trip in December to NM to do some sampling and check in on our product. We’ll look for you then!



  14. Reese says:

    Gave me and figured I’d check out some pickles! I would like to check out your shirts to. Send me some pics if you can! I know its a long shot but we are going to the new years show! Hope to see yall there! Excited about trying these tasty pickles. WSMFP!!!


    • Hey there Reese! Thanks for finding us. And awesome that the stickers are resurfacing. Better yet, we can give you another at NYE. We will be there, YEE-HAW!!!
      We’re putting your two-pack together and need to know what 2 flavors you’d like to try? We’ve got garlic dills, spicy dills, pickled beans, honey-sweet, sweet and spicy. You can check em out on our page. Just email me and let me know and we’ll get em out to you. You have any luck with t4t tix? We got super lucky and managed to score a few. Looking like a killer NYE! See you soon, Allison p.s. I’ve got to take some pics of our T’s. I’ll try and get them done today.

  15. Mike Wickizer says:

    Hey folks, I just got in from a mountain bike ride and threw-down two of my Enchilada Enduro Dills. Thanks for providing the killer schwag! Love’em!! ~96er Mike in Colorado Springs

    • Hey Mike! Thanks for the note. Happy you love our pickles! If you need more, you can find all of our pickles at Whole Foods across Colorado. Appreciate the support! Have an great winter, The Yee-Haw Pickle Crew

  16. Paul Jones says:

    You guys ever consider making Giardiniera? Man I love that stuff, but I’ve never seen from anyone besides Mezzata. They’re fine, but yours would be better.

    • Hi Paul, Never heard of it before. But I looked it up and it looks to be a mix of peppers and veggies? We will be moving into our own kitchen (aka pickle shack) in March and will be able to start trying out some new recipes. We will definitely keep it mind. Any suggestions on what type of peppers and veggies? Is it usually spicy?

      • Paul Jones says:

        It’s Italian for, like, gardener or garden or something and it usually has a mix of veggies. There’s a couple of sandwiches at Granatos in SLC that are dressed with ground-up Giardiniera. My favorite veggies in Mezzata’s Giardiniera are the cauliflower, pearl onions and carrots. Mezzata’s Giardiniera, which you can get in most grocery stores, has varied heat levels. I like mine a little above medium hot.

  17. Lucinda Brysha says:

    So Cal Sampler-

    Sampled your pickles at a friend’s house in Park Citty and then had the coincedental chance to meet you at a market sample day. Yours are the best pickles I have ever eaten in my life!!! Three weeks later and I’m craving them. I can not remember exactly which ones they were. They were hot but sliced like for burger. I don’t think you have them listed for sale. Or I’m just not recognizing the name. Can you give me a clue? Also, are they in any Whole Foods in Southern California, yet? Or anywhere else?

    • Hi Lucinda, Sorry for the late reply. I remember meeting you at the Market and it was the Steezy Bee Stackers (honey & habanero). We are not in any California stores yet, so your best bet would be to order online. If you only wanted the Steezy’s I would suggest either the two-pack, or if you wanted to buy 6 jars we could do a special order for you. Just let me know. Thanks for the positive feedback – it’s always such a boost! Thanks, Allison ph: 435-200-5215

  18. DLNorton says:

    Picked up a jar here in Lakewood, CO at the Whole Foods in Belmar. I’ve had a lot of pickles in my day, and these are some of the tastiest by far; I’ve eaten at a lot of Jewish delis, so you have a fan here. I practically ate half the contents in the jar as I sit here writing this. I have to save the rest for this weekend because it is kosher dog day and I need some spears to go with my red hots. I’m not much on the spicy hot stuff, but the Garlic Dills bring back memories of going to Canter’s Deli in L.A. and getting fresh pickles and pickled green tomatoes (when they had those) all that’s is missing here is a thick pastrami on pumpernickel rye with gobs of spicy mustard.

    Keep em’ coming! Yes, I know, the first taste is free..!!

  19. Thanks so much for finding us here. We are so happy you’ve found our pickles! If you make it to Park City, please let us know because we will have some green tomatoes in the coming months. Thanks for your support and for believing in a better pickle! Allison & Drew

  20. diane says:

    I thought you had a Lemony Dill Pickle at the Farmers Market but I don’t see it listed…was I dreaming?

  21. Kim says:

    I live locally and would like to pick up several cases of pickles for company gifts. Could you please contact me today and let me know if that is possible? We looked for you at the Silly Christmas Market but apparently you weren’t there. Thanks!

  22. PJ says:

    Are your pickles sold at any grocery stores in Minnesota? We are looking for sugar-free, kid-friendly pickles for our kiddos in Minnesota. We would LOVE to try yours out and if we like them, then we could order a case. Warm wishes this Holiday Season! PJ Bliss

    • Hi PJ, Thanks for finding us. Our pickles are not sold in Minnesota yet. The only midwest stores that currently sell our pickles are Big R stores in Il and MI. I would suggest ordering a Two Pack from our online store to give them a try. We created the No Frills Dills specifically for parents who were asking us to make a really clean pickle for their kids. It has taken off and is now our number two selling pickle! If your kids like sweet pickles, our Honey Sweet Stackers are an all natural bread & butter style pickles. We sweeten with a locally sourced wild flower honey and our golden color comes from turmeric. YOu can order a two pack directly from our site: yeehawpickles.com
      Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

  23. logan says:

    Could I try some free samples

    • Hi Logan, Thanks for finding us. We sample at a handful of events throughout the year. We will be at the SLC Downtown Farmers Market starting in June. We will have our full product line available for sampling then. We may do an event in Park City this March where you could try our pickles. The best thing would be to like us on FB to keep up to date with any upcoming sampling events. thanks

  24. Chris Lewandowski says:

    My wife and I live in Rapid City, SD. We got a jar of your garlic dills at Lucky’s while visiting family in Billings. Best pickle I’ve ever eaten. Any chance of expanding distribution out our way?

    • Hi Chris, What a compliment! We actually just stocked the HyVee warehouse this month. There are some HyVee stores in SD, so if you are near one, our pickles could already be in their Natural/Specialty set. If they aren’t on the shelves already, you could request them by name. Just let a grocery buyer know they are in the warehouse ready to be ordered. And if you see them on the shelves, snap a picture for us and we will happily send you out a jar on the house! Yee-Haw! Allison

  25. Chris Lewandowski says:

    Will do, Allison, thank you. We love HyVee, though it’s across the state in Sioux Falls. Will make sure to swing by and check it out when we travel through there, should be in the next several weeks. Thanks again!

  26. Joe boss says:

    What’s going on
    I’ve been to 3 Big R stores and no hot damn dills on the shelf for over 3 months now
    They are the only local source for your product in indiana

    • Hi Joe,

      Sorry that you haven’t been able to get your Hot Damn Dill pickle fix! Big R has placed another order and we will shipping product to their warehouse in the next 10 days or so. They should hopefully be stocked by the end of the month. Thanks, Allison

  27. Jenny McCown says:

    We found you at the City Creek Harmons, what other retail stores are you stocked in Salt Lake? Do you have any in Tooele?


    • Hi Jenny,

      Our 3 dill pickles are sold in all Associated Food Stores, Sprouts and Good Earths. Whole Foods carries our entire line, including our 2 honey sweet stackers and Bronc Buster Beans.

      Thanks for your support!


  28. Angela Ge says:

    How can I order a case??

    • Hi Angela,

      We aren’t selling cases online, just the Sample Pack and the Two-Pack. If you live near any of our retailers they should all be stocked for the holidays if you are needing a bunch of one flavor!

  29. We just tried your pickles for the first time today. We love pickles in our house and have tried almost every brand and variety we can find. The hot damn pickles are hands down the best, crunchiest, most delicious brine pickles we have ever tried!

  30. JoJo says:

    Just bought your pickles from my local Sprouts market. The name “no frills dills” caught my attention because that’s exactly what I was looking for. I brought then home and my husband tried them and the first thing he said was “These taste like homemade pickles”. We can never go back to regular store bought pickles again. Thank you for the excellent product.

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